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When Science meets the Theatre

Last year, I have been asked to contribute to an unusual science event. The Yokohama Theater Group and the Nerd Nite Tokyo came up with a "science x theater" initiative. I was one of the scientists involved in presenting my research within the Hayabusa2 Project to the general public. This was the first time that I officially became a manga character as you can see from the poster.

The performance of my research was done by the 1740G. I was impressed from the results of the 1740G's work. How can you represent the "shooting" of Ryugu asteroid in a theater? Before this experience, I thought that science and theater were two separate "worlds", now I think that science and theater share one important thing in common... creativity! Two different arts that mixed together can complement each other by turning a complex scientific subject in a more enjoyable and easy to follow performance. Brilliant result, have a look to the YouTube video.

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