Dr Stefania Soldini is JAXA Research Associate in the Hayabusa2 project team. She is a member of the Hayabusa2 Joint Science Team as Astrodynamics Co-Investigator. She moved to Japan in March 2016 with a one year JSPS Research Fellowship after completing her PhD at the University of Southampton, UK. Hayabusa2 is the Japanese sample and return asteroid exploration mission; a joint collaboration with CNES and DLR. Stefania is responsible of Hayabusa2 trajectory design during the solar conjunction communication black out. Her duties include advance research in astrodynamics for small body proximity operations within the Hayabusa2 project. From 2012, she started her life journey around the World to "travel far in the solar system and reach other planets and small bodies". She has lived in Italy, Scotland, England, Spain and currently resides in Japan.


"I am working on a real space mission in its most active phase as the spacecraft will arrive at Ryugu asteroid in July 2018 and it is a tremendous personal and professional satisfaction. How will Ryugu asteroid look like?"



Spacecraft Trajectory Design

"Fuel-free" maneuvers by using the Sun Radiation pressure, Orbit Determination and Guidance and Control Tecniques 

2016 - 2012

University of Southampton, UK

PhD in Astronautical Engineering

Trajectory Prediction of Dust Particles

Fate of asteroid ejecta after impact

Asteroid Gravity Field Modelling

Mascon, Polyhedron and Harmonics Model.

Restricted Three-Body Problem

Study of the Invariant Manifolds and Libration points orbits.  

2009 - 2011

Politecnico di Milano, IT

MEng in Space Engineering

2005 - 2009

Politecnico di Milano, IT

BEng Aerospace Engineering

Institute of Space and Astronautical Science

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

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